The SINGING ROCK company was founded in 1992 by two Czech climbers, together with their Belgian business partner. Over several years its owners managed to transform a small garage business into a modern manufacturing company with advanced and very modern technological background, which specializes in manufacturing the climbing equipment and the personal protective equipment for workers at height. 
Nowadays SINGING ROCK is renowned in the climbing world. SINGING ROCK develops and offers complete equipment not only for climbers but also for cavers, workers at height, firefighters and rescuers.

And what is the history of SINGING ROCK?

From Tucan to Singing Rock

Before starting Singing Rock, one of its founders, Vladimír Křapka, was earning his living by sewing the backpacks and sandals which became very popular in former Czechoslovakia under the name TUCAN. The TUCAN brand was at the very beginning of the new company's activities, from backpacks and sandals to the climbing harnesses. After founding the company in 1992 and starting the partnership with Jan Goddefroy from Belgium a new company name and logo were chosen in cooperation with a British advertising agency. Thus the "Tatrman“ who was the initial representative of the Singing Rock's identity was brought to life. It showed an Indian during the traditional Sun Dance at the place where rocks really do sing thanks to the wind – and that is where the name Singing Rock came from.

From the Tatrman to the Arrow

The "Tatrman“ logo was in use until 2000 when it was replaced by the "arrow“. The company logo got this unique shape by accident – our longterm graphic designer Jiří Mělnický from the H.R.G. printing house used the symbol of an American road sign on the cover of the catalog. Vláďa Křapka liked this idea so much that he had a new company logo created using this sign. As well as the "Tatrman“ the "Singing Rock arrow” is inspired by the Western culture and stands for a clear, straight direction, sense of purpose and, most of all, the vertical – a direction connected with everything that Singing Rock creates. If you are interested in the whole history of Singing Rock from the point of view of one of the founders, read the story by Vláďa Křapka.

Singing Rock History in Dates

1992 - SINGING ROCK founded by Vladimír Křapka, Pavel Končinský and Jan Goddefroy
1994 – The first sport harnesses manufactured by Singing Rock were certified by UIAA
1995 – Purchase of the first automatic programmable sewing machine for sewing strength seams
1995 – Manufacturing of the working harnesses and full body harnesses began
2000 – Singing Rock certified according to ISO 9001
2001 – A former textile plant in Poniklá was bought in order to add static and dynamic ropes into the manufacturing portfolio
2002 – Creating a patented ROUTE 44 technology for making of the static and dynamic ropes
2003 – A patented ROCK&LOCK buckle for the harnesses and full body harnesses was developed
2004 – Relocating the manufacturing, warehouse and the company management team from Semily to Ponikla

2006 - Opening of the 1st training center Polygon Poniklá

2009 - Sale of Singing Rock sro to the private financial fund ARX Equity Partners. At the same time, the merger of Singing Rock, sro and Lanex, as took place. The successor company bore the name (business company), Lanex.

2011 - Opening of the 2nd training center Polygon Kladno

2011 - Acquisition of Raveltik, sro due to the expansion of production with metal products, expansion into the markets for products for ice climbing and mountain climbing (ice axes, cats, ice screws, etc.) 

2013 - Spin-off of the Singing Rock division from Lanex, as and reorganization back to Singing Rock sro

2013 - Polygon Singing Rock training centers certified by the IRATA system

2015 - ARX private Equity Partners sold a 100% stake to Mr. Rudolf Bochenk as the majority owner and Mr. Rudolf Gregořic as a minority partner

2017 - Mr. Rudolf Gregořica sold his share to Mr. Rudolf Bochenk, Singing Rock becomes part of BR Group




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