We are climbers who work for climbers.
We put our experience and enthusiasm into our products for climbers and workers at high heights.

We proudly do it in the Czech Republic.

We are here for those who want to see the climbing and work-at-height world as it is.

We do not embellish or hide anything.

We respect the purity of climbing, and that's how we approach our products.  

We make products for your vertical world. We bring simplicity, authenticity, and fair behavior to climbing and working at heights.


Climbers for climbers 
We understand the world of our customers, and we talk accordingly. We make our products as if we were making it for ourselves.

We offer solutions 

We always look for an ideal and complex solution for a product, situation, or communication to make sure consumers are satisfied.

Pure experience

It is a part of our products and manner of communication. We share it with every interaction.


Climbers value function over glitzy features. They are confident in their skills and rely on the equipment they use.

Although we are open to the world, the heart of SINGING ROCK beats in the Czech Republic. The headquarters, production, training, and testing center is in Pomikla. Our textile production plant is in Semily. The production of metal products and components is in Sudkov. The Klando training center for work at heights is just 20 minutes from Prague. Four locations in the Czech Republic include three manufacturing plants and two training centers that bring the equipment and services to your vertical playground. 

SINGING ROCK supplies products to more than 65 countries worldwide through its network of distributors and agents. Thanks to them, you can find us in most countries where climbing and working at heights are prominent.


Meeting minimum requirements is a must. We go the furthest to test and simulate all kinds of usage as the basis for our further development. In our laboratory, we can test our products on several machines, a helmet testing machine or cycling hydraulic machine, for fatigue tests of moveable components and elastic webbings. Laboratory tests are, of course, complemented by testing and validation in the outdoor environment.

Research & Development 
For more than 30 years, SINGING ROCK has built on its experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing products that require expertise in materials and manufacturing technologies. Modern tools help our development team to create products for your and our satisfaction.


We run a lean management system with a horizontal organizational structure. Thanks to this structure the team can react immediately and customize our products and services for any need.


SINGING ROCK strives to keep our planet green and to preserve its riches for our kids. Singing Rock is supported by its membership in the European Outdoor Conservation Association.



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